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Grade 2018 2017
A* 1 4
A 3 5
B 9 9
C 3 4
D 1 0
E 1 0
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Business Studies
AS Level

Business Studies will help you develop knowledge and understanding of the practices and techniques used within marketing, finance, operations management, human resource management. Also looking at the benefits and risks of setting up an entrepreneur.

A qualification in business will provide you with a broad introduction to the business sector and will encourage you to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in realistic business contexts, this leads into studying a range of Business related courses such as Business and Economics, Business and Finance, Event Planning, international Business, Fashion buying. They could go straight into working for an international business or set up their own Business using the skills they have developed.

2018 APLS score: 2
  • I made the decision to study Business at sixth form because I knew that the subject can lead to careers in almost any sector of industry, due to the fact that every company needs business minded individuals. Moreover, it has always been my aspiration to set up my own business, and I knew that the Business Studies A level course would enable me and give me the foundations of knowledge I need to do just that.
  • I have learnt through my Business Studies A Level course a variety of valuable transferable skills, which can be put to use in both everyday life, but also if you decide to take a completely different career path. The knowledge that I have gained about both international and domestic businesses from my business A Level has been invaluable, and it has now lead me to being an entrepreneur at the age of 19. I achieved an A* at the end of my A Level and I am going on to study Business Management (Entrepreneurship) at university.
  • Business Studies gives you a wide variety of worldly skills that can be applied to many jobs. It’s fun, rewarding and a great choice for a successful future.
  • Business Studies has helped me develop skills within industry and gain an understanding of how to create a succesful product.

Course Content

Theme 1

Marketing and people – Focus is motivation, HR and Marketing, viral advertising, Marketing mix

Theme 2

Managing business activities – Focus is on Finance and production

Theme 3

Global Business – impact of globalisation and international businesses

Theme 4

Business decisions and strategy – focus on mergers and takeovers, ethical issues


Paper 1: Marketing, people and global businesses

Assessed:2 hour written exam, 100 marks in total, 35% of A level

Questions: Section A = data responses and essay – total 50 marks, Section B = data responses and essay – total 50 marks

Paper 2: Business activities, decisions and strategy

Assessed:2 hour written exam, 100 marks in total, 35% of A level

Questions: Section A = data responses and essay – total 50 marks, Section B = data responses and essay – total 50 marks

Paper 3: Investigating business in a competitive environment

Assessed:2 hour written exam, 100 marks in total, 30% of A level

Questions: Based on pre-release research theme launched in November, Section A = data responses and essay, focus on the broad context, Section B = data responses and essay, focus on strand within the context

Key Facts

  • Course Level A Level
  • Assessment Breakdown Examination 100%
  • Assessor Edexcel
  • Entry Requirements Minimum 5+ Levels 4-9. 5+ in English Language
  • Online Learning Materials Interactive courses on our VLE, tutor2u.co.uk, financialtimes.co.uk, Business Review Magazine , Podcast
  • Extra curriculum visits Eurostar to Brussels for an exciting trip going into Concept Chocolate which is a B2B chocolate factory the Artois Brewery looking at mass production and finally to the European commission for a talk on the trade barriers in Brussels.