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Grade 2018 2017
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C 5 4
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Media StudiesA Level

Media Studies at A Level offers a mixture of theory and practice. The new specification from Eduqas includes a strong theoretical element where students are expected to consider a range of philosophical and ethical questions related to the media industry. It also encompasses the range of media skills required for study at A Level. This includes investigating the relationship between media institutions, audiences and the communication of representation through specific media language. The course still maintains a sensible approach to requirement for learners to demonstrate their creative skills through a media production that is worth 30% of the grade.

The mass media surround our lives and this course offers the chance to study and critically analyse a comprehensive range of media forms and texts. There are topics on advertising and marketing, the film industry, newspapers, radio, video games, television in the global age, magazines, music videos, and online media. You will learn to use a range of professional software programs like Photoshop and Premiere Pro to create your own media products.

  • A truly inspiring subject which allows you to use your knowledge not just within, but outside of the subject too
  • A truly inspiring subject which allows you to use your knowledge not just within, but outside of the subject too
  • A truly inspiring subject which allows you to use your knowledge not just within, but outside of the subject too

Course Content

Component 1: Media products, industries and audiences (exam – 35%)

Section A: Analysing media language and representation.

Students will examine set media products including advertisements, music videos and newspapers and consider the ways they represent particular groups of people. In the exam students will be examined on these as well as on an unseen media text. Texts studied include music videos by Beyonce and Vance Joy, washing detergent adverts, and front covers of several UK newspapers.

Section B: Understanding media industries and audiences

Students will examine set media products including marketing, film, radio and video games and consider issues such as media ownership and production, and the ways in which different audiences react to media products. Texts studied include I’ Daniel Blake, Black Panther, Late Night Woman’s Hour and Assassin’s Creed.

Component 2: Media forms and products in depth (exam – 35%)

Section A: Television in the global age.

Students will compare two television programs, one British, one Scandinavian, and consider their production values and codes and conventions among other aspects. The programs studies are Life on Mars and The Bridge

Section B: Magazines – Mainstream and alternative media

Students will examine a number of magazines from different eras and formats and consider how they represent groups and how contexts influence their ideologies. Magazine include Vogue and The Big Issue.

Section C: Media in the online age.

Students will examine the changing nature of media consumption and ask whether audiences are passive or are also engaged in making or influencing media products themselves. Texts include Zoella and Attitude online magazine.

Component 3: Cross-Media Production (internally assessed – 30%)

Learners create an individual cross-media production in two different forms for an intended audience, applying their knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework and digital convergence in response to a choice of briefs set by EDUQAS. The forms that learners can work in include television, magazines, film marketing, music marketing and online options. The intended audience and industry context are specified in the brief.

Key Facts

  • Course Level A Level
  • Assessment Breakdown Examination 70% Non Examined Assessment 30%
  • Assessor Eduqas (WJEC)
  • Entry Requirements 5+ Levels 4-9, 5+ English GCSE or 6+ in Media
  • Online Learning Materials Interactive courses on our VLE including forums and online assessment
  • Media Channel stpaulsmedia on YouTube