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Music TechnologyAS Level

This is an exciting new specification for A Level Music Technology which embraces new technology, has a strong emphasis on practical work and gives excellent preparation for HE and careers in Music Technology. Music Technology plays a large part in all of our lives, particularly within the genre of popular music. The Music Technology industry is one of the largest employers in the world and is a multi-million pound industry.

The world of technology is an exciting and changing industry that sets new challenges and ideas.

Mainly practical based, students will be using macbook and iMacs running Logic X software to complete their coursework tasks and prepare for the practical examination. Although some experience in using software is desirable, it is not essential to be successful in Music Technology, but an eagerness to learn, push the boundaries and be creative is vital!

Many of our students have gone onto study Music Technology in Higher Education as well as gain employment in the music industry.

  • Music Technology at St Pauls helped me realise what I wanted to pursue as a career as well as giving me the skills to expand my knowledge independently
  • You will never look at music in the same way again

Course Content

A Level Music Technology 60% examination and 40% non-examined assessment at A Level.

Area of Study 1: Recording (20%)

Students will be given a choice of 10 songs from Pearson Edexcel and they will pick one to record. For example Stereophonics - Could You Be the One/ R.E.M - Losing My Religion Non-Examined assessment: Externally assessed.

Area of Study 2: Technology-based composition (20%)

Students will be given a brief from Pearson Edexcel and they will be asked to write a piece of music based on a brief. For Example Write a piece for a poem/ Write a piece for a given Film/ Write a piece for a certain scenario e.g. The Weather. Non-Examined Assessment: Externally Assessed.

Area of Study 3: Listening and Analysing Exam (25%) (1 hour 30 minutes)

Knowledge and understanding of recording and production techniques and principles, in the context of a series of unfamiliar commercial recordings supplied by Pearson Edexcel. Written Examined Assessment

Area of Study 4: Written/Practical examination (35%) (2 hour 15 minutes)

Knowledge and understanding of editing, mixing and production techniques, to be applied to unfamiliar materials provided by Pearson Edexcel. Practical Examination

Key Facts

  • Course Level A Level
  • Assessment Breakdown Examination 60% Non-examined assessment 40%
  • Assessor Edexcel
  • Entry Requirements Minimum 5+ Levels 4-9. Level 2 music qualification or Grade 5 in an instrument.