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SociologyA Level

Sociology is a subject that teaches you to ask questions about the things people often take for granted, for example: ‘Why are some types of people more likely to be convicted of crime?’ ‘Why do people join religious sects?’ ’Why does terrorism exist?’ The focus is on understanding society around you.

Sociology’s broad scope and the range of perspectives on our world make it a highly popular subject with students. You’ll understand more about how societies develop and the compelling forces that shape our behaviour, values and identity. In making sense of the world we live in, you’ll come to know yourself better.

  • Sociology has been great fun. It is about things that genuinely interest me.
  • There have been lots of opportunities for debates and you can make links to films.
  • I've loved finding out about crime and deviance, there are some fascinating theories.
  • Sociology has encouraged me to look at the world differently and ask lots of questions.

Course Content

Unit 1

Introduction to Sociology


Sociological Research Methods in Context (Education)

Unit 2

Families and Households

Beliefs in Society

Sociological Research Methods

Unit 3

Crime and Deviance

Theory and Methods

Key Facts