Philosophy & Ethics

Ethics and Philosophy, this subject is sure to challenge your critical and logical thinking when tasked with some of life’s most basic yet complex questions.


Learn and develop your skills in photography through a variety of different mediums aided by our fantastic facilities.


Physics is often described as the most fundamental science as it seeks to explain how the world works.


Delve into the science of human behaviour, understand yourself and others better with knowledge grounded in research.


A captivating study of society, how people interact in groups to understand social behaviour.


Learn the Spanish language whilst exploring different aspects of Spanish life, culture, politics and history.

Physical Education

Improve your own performance in Physical Education and learn the theory behind the psychology of athletes and the anatomy of the human body to gain a deeper understanding of sport performance.


The study of performing, composing, and developing musical understanding

Media Studies

An analyse of a comprehensive range of media texts, combined with the study of the theories surrounding why they were made, by whom, for whom, the nature of their construction, and the inherent messages within them.