Learn the Spanish language whilst exploring different aspects of Spanish life, culture, politics and history.


The study of complex mathematical concepts, providing students with the skills and knowledge to solve problems logically and continue onward to higher education.


Study aspects of Britain and Europe’s history from the 18th to the 20th centuries, covering British, Italian, Russian and German history.


An exciting adventure that will start here, and will last you a lifetime.


Learn the French language whilst exploring different aspects of French life and culture.

Business Studies

Learn about the leadership, marketing, finance, operations, and human resources behind successful businesses.

BTEC Business

This course allows students to look at business in a consumer society and focus on how business organisations operate.


A level Law invites students to learn how laws are made, interpreted, applied and reformed. The syllabus covers the English & Welsh Legal system, Contract & Torts, Crime and Jurisprudence.


Study Politics at an advanced level and examine concepts such as power, freedom, democracy, and class alongside gaining an in-depth understanding of both the UK and US political systems.