Physics is often described as the most fundamental science as it seeks to explain how the world works.


Study aspects of Britain and Europe’s history from the 18th to the 20th centuries, covering British, Italian, Russian and German history.

Further Mathematics

A more advanced and challenging exploration of mathematics to complement Maths A Level.

English Language

A fascinating exploration of the English language in the spoken and written English. Learn about what language says about you, and how it is used to convey societal attitudes.


The social science that studies how individuals, businesses, countries, and even societies decide how to allocate scarce resources.

Core Mathematics

The study of complex mathematical concepts, providing students with the skills and knowledge to solve problems logically and continue onward to higher education.


Chemistry is all around us. Understanding chemistry can help explain many questions about everyday life.


Learn about yourself and the world around you through this fascinating course.

English Literature

Immerse yourself in the fascinating study of contemporary and period plays, poetry and prose.