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A Level

Students can choose three A Levels to study from a wide range of courses available. It is important for students to choose the right course to ensure higher levels of success and enjoyment. Assessments in the first year of study is internal and at the end of the final year, students are assessed externally. 


BTEC courses are equivalent to one (single award) or two (double award) A Levels. BTEC courses are assessed through a series of coursework and exam units. Units are marked and graded through assignments based on work-related situations or activities, with opportunities for teamwork and in-depth study. 

Connor Main

PARTNERSHIPS MANAGER AT POLICE NOW I studied Spanish, Maths and Geography at St Paul’s, finishing my A Levels in 2016.  After leaving, I went on to study Spanish and Politics at the University of Bath (not before spending some time travelling around Central and South

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Deaglan Bartlett

POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER IN COSMOLOGY AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE I took A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, and took another AS in Additional Further Maths. In the summer after leaving St. Paul’s, I represented Britain in the International Physics Olympiad in Mumbai and achieved a

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Fergus Nolan 

Lawyer I studied English Literature, History and Theatre Studies at A2 level. After St. Paul’s I went on to study Law at the University of York. After that I qualified as a lawyer and now work for a law firm in London.  I look back

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Francesco Robinson

HEADING TO EXETER TO STUDY MATHS I studied Maths, Spanish and PE. After St. Paul’s I put my Spanish to the test and travelled around Spain, followed by a short stint working as a Sales Rep for a start-up in London. This year I’ll be

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Harriet Garvey

Studying BA History and Sociology at University of Exeter During my time at St Paul’s sixth form I studied History, Sociology and English language. I also completed the core maths qualification in year 12.  Following my A levels, I went into the University of Exeter

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Sharmi Still 

Paramedic student at the University of Surrey At St. Paul’s, I studied A-level biology, psychology and sociology  After my a-levels I went straight on to study paramedic science at the University of Surrey. As a whole, I really enjoyed time at St. Paul’s, I felt

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Siobhan Connellan

freelancing as a musician I studied Music, Film Studies, Maths and English Literature. I studied Music at Peterhouse, Cambridge, then went on to study Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music. I’m currently freelancing as a musician. I am very grateful for all of the wonderful

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Tiana Bye

Training to be a primary school teacher My A levels were photography, French and psychology. I am now about to enter my final year of training to be a primary school teacher! I made the best friendships at St. Paul’s. I was so well supported

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Tim White

Degree apprenticeship in software engineering I studied Double BTEC Business and Computer Science. I am now doing a degree apprenticeship in software engineering with Continental Engineering Services. St Paul’s felt like a breeze! The teachers were so supportive and I made life-long mates! I studied

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