BTEC (Level 3)

Health & Social Care

This course will help you acquire knowledge and understanding of health, early-years care and education, and the care of adults and vulnerable people.
30% Exam 70% NEA

What is Health & Social Care?

Health & Social Care will help you acquire knowledge and understanding of health, early-years care and education, and the care of adults and vulnerable people. We will be looking at a wide range of health and social care provision including: health prevention, health care, general medical and surgical services, therapies, specialist services for adults, children and people with learning difficulties and mental ill health.

Why study Health & Social Care?

Health & Social Care will help you to understand the effects of attitudes and prejudice and the rights and responsibilities of both service users and providers. You will learn about different types of communication and theories relating to these. You will investigate preventative measures to ensure good health, and job roles within the health and social care setting along with factors that affect health and well-being. This course will prepare you for work in the health and social care sector, or for further training or study including a range of courses at university level. Students have progressed onto nursing, social work, midwifery, early years education and other degree courses in the past.


Health & Social Care Exam Results




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Health and social care enables you to make a difference to other people’s lives.

Shannon (Health & Social Care Student)

It is a really rewarding subject with a good mix of exam units and coursework.

Maddi (Health & Social Care Student)

The lessons involve discussion and debating and the teachers engage you in your learning.

Kelis (Health & Social Care Student)

I know the value of communication and kindness when dealing with others.

(Health & Social Care Student)

Health & Social Care
Course Content

This course gives you a good understanding of the variety of careers in the health and social care sector, an appreciation of relevant policy and legislation and the skills to be successful and make a difference.

Human Lifespan Development
1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • Human growth and development through the life stages (including physical, intellectual, emotional and social development
  • Factors affecting human growth and development including the nature/nurture debate, genetic factors, environmental factors, social factors and economic factors
  • Major life events that affect development
  • The effects of ageing
Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs Coursework
  • Examine principles, values and skills which underpin meeting the care and support needs of individuals
  • Examine the ethical issues involved when providing care and support to meet individual needs
  • Investigating the principles behind enabling individuals with care and support needs to overcome challenges
  • Investigating the role of professionals and how they work together to provide the car and support necessary to meet individual needs
Working in Health and Social Care
1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • The roles and responsibilities of people who work in the health and social care sector
  • The roles of organisations in the health and social care sector
  • Working with people with specific needs in the health and social care sector
Supporting Individuals with Additional Needs (Coursework)
  •  Examine reasons why individuals may experience additional needs (social, emotional, physical, cognitive needs).
  • Examine how to overcome the challenges to daily living faced by people with additional needs (disability, environmental, social and personal challenges, attitudes of others)
  • Investigate current practice with respect to provision for individuals with additional needs (professionals involved, support available, person-centered care). 
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