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Philosophy & Ethics

Ethics and Philosophy, this subject is sure to challenge your critical and logical thinking when tasked with some of life's most basic yet complex questions.
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What is Philosophy & Ethics?

Philosophy & ethics is the understanding of life and exploring some of life’s most complicated and complex questions, and understanding the right or wrong moral principals and foundation of which dictates a persons behaviour.

Philosophy, when translated, means ‘love of wisdom’, philosophical thought is the process of asking, arguing and answering the most basic questions of life with the intention to reach a fundamental truth and answer to such questions.

Why study Philosophy & Ethics?

Centred on a Christian approach to philosophy, the nature of God and the universe, Philosophy & Ethics is a logically and spiritually challenging and engaging subject which is sure to carry forward into your everyday life. Typically, the concepts include the premise that such study is done in a rational, philosophical manner, exploring the different schools of thought within philosophy and ethics. 

Learn how to think critically about life and the world around us, question behaviours and understand the world from a Christian theological perspective.


Philosophy & Ethics Exam Results




A* to C


A* to B


I love Philosophy and Ethics because it’s fascinating and allows me to explore why we are here and who God is

Maud (Philosophy & Ethics Student)

Philosophy and Ethics gives me a new outlook on the world

Kuba (Philosophy & Ethics Student)

Philosophy allows me to explore questions to do with this life and beyond

Rebecca (Philosophy & Ethics Student)

I’ve chosen to study Philosophy at University because I’ve really enjoyed developing my arguing skills through all the topic we’ve covered.

Sarah (Philosophy & Ethics Student)

Philosophy & Ethics
Course Content

See how Philosophy & Ethics is broken down and the topics you will explore and how this subject is assessed.

Philosophy of religion
33% (120 Marks)
2 Hours

Paper 1 is divided into seven sections:

  • Ancient Philosophical Influences
  • The nature of soul, mind, and body
  • The arguments about the existence or non-existence of god
  • The nature and impact of religious experience
  • The challenge for religious belief of the problem
    of evil
  • Ideas about the nature of God
  • Issues in religious language
Religion and Ethics
33% (120 Marks)
2 Hours

Paper 2 is divided into five sections:

  • Natural Law, Kant, Situation ethics and Utilitarianism
  • The application of ethical theory to Business Ethics and Euthanasia
  • Ethical language and thought
  • Debates surrounding the significant idea of
  • Sexual ethics and the influence on ethical thought
    of developments in religious beliefs
Developments in Christian Thought
33% (120 Marks)
2 Hours

Paper 3 is divided into five sections:

  • Augustine’s teaching on human nature
  • Death and the afterlife
  • Knowledge of God’s existence
  • The person of Jesus Christ
  • Christian Moral Principles
  • Christian moral action
  • Religious pluralism
  • The challenge of Secularism
  • Liberation Theology and Marx.
Mrs A Hawkes

Mrs A Hawkes


We are thrilled you are considering A Level Philosophy & Ethics. We are a passionate and dedicated team, focused on our students development with a love of Philosophy & Ethics and wish to pass on our enthusiasm of this complex and fascinating subject to ensure our students success.

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