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Core Mathematics

The study of complex mathematical concepts, providing students with the skills and knowledge to solve problems logically and continue onward to higher education.
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What is Core Mathematics?

Core Maths is a new Level 3 course for students who achieve a Grade 5 or above at GCSE Maths. The qualification is designed to prepare students for the mathematical demands of work study and life. The course has been developed with employers, universities and professional bodies as valuable preparation for higher education and employment.

Core Maths is equivalent to an AS Level and is studied over one year with final exams being taken at the end of year 12. Due to this, Core Maths is taken as a 4th option in addition your other 3 A Level choices.

Why study Core Mathematics?

Core Maths builds on GCSE maths with a sharper focus on problem solving skills by considering and tackling mathematics in meaningful contexts. This includes financial applications of mathematics as well as further statistical ideas that can support work in other subjects they will be studying such as Psychology, Health Sciences, Geography, Sociology and even History.


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Core Maths is really interesting and the teachers are great!

Holly B (Core Mathematics Student)

The course covers content that is relevant to us, for example taxes and student loan, and it really encourages you to think about things that you wouldn’t have previously thought of.

Maddy M (Core Mathematics Student)

It’s extremely useful for the future, and the work on loans and future finances reassures me that I would be able to understand the data when I get my own pay slip.

Holly F (Core Mathematics Student)

I chose Core Maths because I really enjoyed GCSE maths and was keen to continue maths alongside my other subjects.

Luke O (Core Mathematics Student)

Core Mathematics
Course Content

This course offers students the opportunity to study mathematics in a more investigational approach, providing students the means to solve complex problems logically and convey arguments effectively.

1 Hour 30 Minutes

Paper 1 consists of the following topics:

  1. Analysis of data
  2. Maths for personal finance
  3. Estimation
1 Hour 30 Minutes

Paper 2 is an optional paper where students and staff choose which content to be assessed on.

Paper 2 A:

  • Critical analysis of given data and models 
  • The normal distribution
  • Probabilities and estimation
  • Correlation and regression

Paper 2 B:

  • Critical analysis of given data and models 
  • Critical path and risk analysis
  • Expectation
  • Cost benefit analysis

Paper 2 C:

  • Critical analysis of given data and models 
  • Graphical methods
  • Rates of change
  • Exponential functions
Mrs E Morris

Mrs E Morris


Thank you so much for your interest in Core Mathematics at A Level. We have a fabulous team of energetic and enthusiastic maths specialists at St Paul’s ready to support you on your journey.  

Should you have any questions at all about studying Core Mathematics at A Level, or the possible career paths beyond College, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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