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A fascinating exploration of the English language in the spoken and written English. Learn about what language says about you, and how it is used to convey societal attitudes.
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60% Exam 40% Coursework
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What is English Language?

The study of spoken and written English language, how words can evoke emotions, persuade behaviours or decisions, achieve purpose and target audiences effectively. Textual analysis, political speeches, historical texts, novels and how language can influence another is all part of English language.

Why study English Language?

If you are interested how the English language works and how language is used to communicate then English Language A Level is for you. Investigate how areas of linguistic prose are used in historical speeches to evoke emotion and influence behaviours. Discover the power of English language and the techniques used to achieve the goals of written text. By studying A-Level English Language, you will gain invaluable skills for life. You will learn how to communicate effectively, critically assess information and challenge assumptions. You will also become aware of the wider context of language and the written form.

English Language A-Level can lead you to some very exciting places after your time at St Paul’s, from speech writing, storytelling and journalism there are plenty of career opportunities using the skills you develop throughout your studies.


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We have interesting lessons, fuelled by the enthusiastic teachers, lots of laughs which makes lessons memorable and teachers WANT to help.

English Language Student

I really enjoy studying English Language, developing my understanding of how language can be used to express meaning and convey different messages. I have learnt transferable skills that can be used in future careers and in everyday life.

English Language Student

I have really enjoyed studying English Language, as we look at how language relevant to our generation and society as a whole. The staff are so helpful and will support you throughout your learning.

English Language Student

English Language
Course Content

See the course content of A Level English Language and how this course is assessed and the topics you will learn and discover.

Language, the Individual and Society
40% (100 marks)
2 Hours 30 minutes

You will study:

  • Language levels (e.g. lexis, semantics, grammar, pragmatics and graphology)
  • Developing textual analysis skills
  • Meaning and representation
  • Child Language Development
Language diversity and change
40% (100 Marks)
2 Hours 30 minutes

You will study:

  • Sociolinguistics, including how social groups, regional variation and gender affect language
  • World Englishes
  • Language Change (Old English through to present day)
Language in action
20% (100 Marks)
  • Original Writing (10%) Time to get creative! This is your opportunity to write a piece inspired by an existing text, with a supporting commentary. Story? Editorial? Blog? Fairy tale? The possibilities are endless!
  • Language Investigation (10%) The Language Investigation is your opportunity to conduct your own study of language use. Delve deeper into an aspect of the course you enjoy the most!
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Mrs K Barlow


We are thrilled that you are considering English Language as one of your A-levels and look forward to sharing our passion and knowledge of the subject with you. If you have any questions about the course, I would be really happy to answer them, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

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