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Design & Technology: Product Design

Design & Technology leads to well-developed skills in approaches to problem solving and will appeal to students with an enquiring technological mind.
50% Exam 50% NEA

What is Design & Technology: Product Design?

Constant developments in society and technology demand the need for new products designers. This course will appeal to students with an enquiring technological mind, who enjoy communicating their ideas through a wide range of resistant materials & graphic media.

Why study Design & Technology: Product Design?

Design & Technology leads to well-developed skills in approaches to problem solving. You will have well developed and innovative approaches to visual communication and will develop a high level of creative thinking which would be invaluable to any employment situation. Continue your studies at university or pursue a career in relevant fields such as architecture. engineering, or graphic design.

Design & Technology opens up many opportunities for personal development after St Paul’s and is sure to be an engaging and worth while course.


Design & Technology: Products Design Exam Results




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A* to B


I enjoyed designing something for a real client, and being able to make something which will actually be useful to them in their life

Nate (Product Design Student)

In Year 12 we were introduced to a wide range of materials and processes and this helped us decide how to manufacture our major project

I am going to study Architecture at  Portsmouth University, so to be able to research and produce scale models of my pop up restaurant and CAD CAM was perfect for my portfolio

Florence (Product Design Student)

I enjoy the fact that you get to work in different workshops and use different machines and materials to make your coursework

Sophie (Product Design Student)

The teachers are happy for you to spend extra supervised time in the workshops to practice and develop your making skills

I look forward to the practical lessons as they contrast the other subjects I took

Olivia (Product Design Student)

Design & Technology: Product Design
Course Content

Design & Technology allows students to explore and develop their creative side and use their hands to create tangible products from start to finish using a wide range of materials and resources. See the modules you will learn, how these are broken down over the courses entirety, and how these are assessed.

Technical Principles
30% (120 Marks)
2 Hours 30 Minutes

The questions for paper 1 are formatted by short answer and extended response.

Topics and subject material included in paper 1:

  • Specific materials and their uses
  • Material classification (Ferrous/Non-Ferrous)
  • Testing and investigating materials
  • Performance characteristics of materials
  • Enhancement of materials
  • Forming, redistribution and addition processes
  • The use of finishes
  • Modern industrial and commercial practice
  • Digital design and manufacture
  • The requirements for product design and development
  • Health and safety
  • Protecting designs and intellectual property
  • Design for manufacturing, maintenance, repair and disposal
  • Feasibility studies
  • Enterprise and marketing in the development of products
  • Design communication
Designing and Making Principles
20% (80 Marks)
1 Hours 30 Minutes

The questions for paper 2 are formatted by short answer and extended response.

Paper 2 is divided by two sections:

  • Section A – Product Analysis
    • 30 Marks
    • Up to 6 short answer questions based on visual stimulus of product(s)
  • Section B – Product Analysis
    • 50 Marks
    • Mixture of short and extended response questions


Topics and subject material included in paper 2:

  • Design methods and processes
  • Design theory
  • How technology and cultural changes can impact on the work of designers
  • Design processes
  • Critical analysis and evaluation
  • Selecting appropriate tools, equipment and processes
  • Accuracy in design and manufacture
  • Responsible design
  • Design for manufacture and project management
  • National and international standards in product design
Practical Application of Technical Principles, Designing and Making Principles
50% (100 Marks)

Practical application of technical principles, designing and making principles.


This assignment consists of submitting evidence of a written or digital design portfolio and photographic evidence of a final prototype.

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