BTEC (Level 3)

Performing Arts

Learn and develop your skills and knowledge in Performing Arts, explore different genres and learn the history of performance and theatre.
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360 Guided Learning Hours

What is Performing Arts?

The BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts is a 2 year course of 360 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and is equivalent to 1 A Level. This course is for students interested in the performing arts, dance, the study behind performance, developing skills in performance and the history and development of performance.

Students studying this course have the opportunity to progress to higher education in a variety of subjects related or unrelated to performing arts.

Why study Performing Arts?

If you are interested in dance, music and performance then Performing Arts is for you. Develop a deeper understanding into the performing arts of dance, the history of performing arts and understanding how texts dictate how performances should be performed.

Discover the various genres of performance, develop skills in performance and broaden your knowledge. If you have a practical interest or ability in performance and enjoyed studying GCSE Drama then performing arts is a brilliant choice to continue to nurture those interests and skills and help with future career choices within performance.


Performing Arts Exam Results




Merit - Dist*


Dist - Dist*


I was glad that class sizes were small, it meant that we had much more contact time, and the teaching could be shaped to match skill and talents

Jemima (Performing Arts Student)

I have loved performing and looking a different kinds of creativity

Patrick (Performing Arts Student)

This school has an excellent reputation of putting on large scale musicals – singing, acting and dancing is something I want to pursue in the future

Sophie (Performing Arts Student)

Performing Arts
(Musical Theatre) Course Content

Take a look at how this course is broken down and the modules you will learn and how they are assessed.

Musical Theatre Techniques
60 (GLH)
Mandatory Unit

Unit 27 is divided into four sections:

  • Understand the key features of musical theatre performance
  • Develop skills and techniques in musical theatre
    and themes of performing arts practitioners
  • Apply musical theatre skills and techniques to a performance
  • Review personal development and own performance.
Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance
90 (GLH)
Mandatory Unit

Unit 2 is divided into four sections:

  • Understand the role and skills of a
  • Develop performance skills and
    techniques for live performance
  • Apply performance skills and techniques
    in selected styles
  • Review and reflect on development of
    skills and techniques for live performance
Group Performance Workshop
120 (GLH)
Mandatory Unit

Unit 3 is divided into five sections:

  • Understand how to interpret and respond to stimulus for a group performance
  • Develop and realise creative ideas for a group performance in response to stimulus
  • Apply personal management and collaborative skills to a group performance workshop process
  • Apply performance skills to communicate creative intentions during performance workshop
  • Review and reflect on the effectiveness of the working process and the workshop performance
UNITS 19 & 20
Acting Styles & Developing the Voice for Performance
120 (GLH)
Mandatory Unit (Optional Choice)

Unit 19:

  • Understand acting styles and techniques for performance
  • Develop acting styles, skills and techniques for performance
  • Apply acting styles, skills and techniques in rehearsal and performance
  • Review personal development and own performance.

Unit 20:

  • Explore the principles of voice production
  • Develop vocal techniques for a performance
  • Apply vocal techniques to a performance
  • Review personal development and own performance.



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Performing Arts in action
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