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The study of complex mathematical concepts, providing students with the skills and knowledge to solve problems logically and continue onward to higher education.
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What is Mathematics?

Mathematics underpins almost all modern developments in science, IT and economics. The subject is not just about complicated calculations. It is about clear, logical, disciplined thinking in order to solve problems.

Study topics such as geometry, calculus and trigonometry (pure mathematics), and learn how to apply these techniques to real-life scenarios. Develop skills in deep analytical thinking, investigation and problem-solving that can be applied to any situation.

Why study Mathematics?

Studying Mathematics at A Level will enable you to follow a degree in mathematics, or follow a degree course in a related subject. Mathematics can lead to a wide variety of career paths and in various studies has been linked to better pay and job satisfaction. 

The subject can provide an advantage over others when applying for scientific or business degrees. The ability to solve difficult problems logically and communicate an argument will enable individuals to stand out from the crowd in the workplace.


Mathematics Exam Results




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In lower school the larger class size made me rarely feel like I was fully challenged to improve my mathematical abilities. However, the small classes at A-Level in St Paul’s has boosted my confidence a lot, as the teachers get to know you well and are always there to support you. Maths is also a great asset to have for university applications.

Maria (Mathematics Student)

Maths is an awesome subject. I enjoy the challenging aspect of problem solving and greatly appreciate the support that the Maths department at St Paul’s is always happy and ready to give.

Julina (Mathematics Student)

I like how everything fits together, how every method seems to build from another and to connect. As Galileo put it; ‘maths is the language of the universe’, I love how using maths, we can accurately determine the physics of the universe using formulae and models.

Michael (Mathematics Student)

I believe maths is a fundamental subject to develop your logical reasoning skills and plays a crucial role in aiding your understanding in many other subject areas.

George (Mathematics Student)

Course Content

This course offers students the opportunity to study mathematics in a more investigational approach, providing students the means to solve complex problems logically and convey arguments effectively.

Pure Maths
2 Exams, Both 33% of final mark
2 Hours each

Paper 1-2 consists of the following topics:

  • Algebraic and Partial Fractions
  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Proof
  • Functions and Modelling
  • Series and Sequences
  • Binominal Theorem
  • Trigonometry
  • Parametric Equations
  • Numerical Methods
  • Logarithms
  • Vectors
Applied Maths
33% of Final Mark
2 Hours

Paper 2 is divided into two sections:

  • Statistics – Normal Distribution, Probability, Regression and Correlation
  • Mechanics – Equations of motion, Kinematics, Forces, Modelling friction, Moments, Projectiles
Mrs E Morris

Mrs E Morris


Thank you so much for your interest in Mathematics at A Level. We have a fabulous team of energetic and enthusiastic maths specialists at St Paul’s ready to support you on your journey.  

Should you have any questions at all about studying Mathematics at A Level, or the possible career paths beyond College, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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